• UFUSE Creative Management is a process to maximize creative collaboration

    We make people work in new ways to unleash creativity, boost ambition, inspire personal creative growth and promote trust, collaboration and co-ownership of projects.

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The outcome is a more fun, collaborative, and engaging creative process, that boosts ambition, promotes individual growth, and fosters mutual ownership of the project. This leads to less conflict, efficient decision making, more innovation, better solutions to challenges, bigger time/cost savings and ultimately better creative work

  • Phase 1

    Project Discovery

    To determine whether UFUSE Creative Management is right for a certain project, we first embark on a brief discovery phase, exploring the conditions, scope and goals of the project. We work with the project’s Executive Stakeholders – the main representatives of the project’s key players – to test the viability of UFUSE Creative Management and, if applicable, lay the necessary groundwork for ongoing Creative Management with the larger project group.

  • Phase 2

    Project Foundation

    In the Project Foundation phase, we bring all project stakeholders together. We create a shared project vision and concrete success criteria for how to fulfill it. We identify everyone’s hidden talents and ideal roles, as well as the ideal project culture and ways to collaborate as a team.  We also identify project challenges and opportunities, and ideate on Crux Moves to address them. And we agree on metrics to track follow-through 

  • Phase 3

    OnGoing Creative Management

    Once the project is launched, the UFUSE Process enters its Ongoing Creative Management phase. This phase is designed to keep the fire alive throughout the life of the project – for the team as well as its individuals. By constantly tracking and addressing progress on vision, goals and Creative Courage metrics, we help the team honor its vision, maintain a high level of ambition, be Creatively Courageous in tackling any challenges that come up along the way, and ensure personal creative growth.

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    Through regular surveys, we track progress towards the agreed upon vision, success criteria and challenges - as well as how the team is doing in terms of collaboration, Creative Courage and personal creative growth.

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    The purpose of this regular call with a UFUSE Facilitator is to inspire individual Creative Courage, support personal growth and encourage participants to help each other solve problems and meet challenges. 

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    On a consistent basis there's a Creative Crux Move session with the project stakeholders. Addressing the survey results and introducing any recently joined stakeholders, this workshop harnesses the power of the group to come up with creative solutions to project challenges and make sure that the team as a whole maintains a high level of ambition, effective communications and mutual responsibility. in short, this session brings everybody together to ensure that the team stays Creatively Courageous throughout the life of the project.



creative acceleration

  • A Creative endeavor is like climbing an unknown mountaintop. How do you know if you have made it?

    We have worked with clients from a wide range of fields including entertainment, advertising, sports, design, architecture, communication, culture, technology and art. The UFUSE Creative Acceleration workshop provides participants with an introduction to some of the core concepts of our Creative Management Process and gives practical insight into how to be creatively courageous. Participants tap into their personal creative potential, learn how to create the ideal environment where they will thrive creatively, and find out how they can continually produce outstanding creative results.



Tapping into our vast experiences working with creatives, we shake up existing mindsets about creativity. The world is changing arount us at such a rapid pace that ability to constantly adapt and be creatively courageous is essential to succed.

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